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Menu Options

Private Events are welcome to choose from any of the following menus. Prices are per-person. The menu and price remains the same. For groups of 15 or more $250 will be added to pay for extra staffing. Groups 25 and over are charged $500 for extra staffing. 18% gratuity will be added.

If you have any dietary issues or allergies with anyone in your group, please let us know a week ahead of time and we will do our best to adjust their meal to fit their needs.

GF: Gluten Free
V: Vegetarian

Holiday Cookie Decorating ~Harry $95

In this festive private event you will make your own cookies from scratch and learn how to delicately roll them out and bake into soft and chewy treats. While the cookies bake we will make a sweet American Buttercream to add depth and texture to your cookies while also adding some moistness. We will also make some Royal Icing and learn how to flood, inlay, and manipulate the icing to make several decorations. To finish off we will make a batch of fresh Peppermint Hot Chocolate to drink while we finish decorating and to enjoy with the cookies.

 A Cozy German & Austrian Holiday ~ Suzy $95
Spend the evening tasting your way through Germany and Austria. This traditional meal features classic German & Austrian dishes that on a cold winter evening is shared with friends. This class features a menu that will  bring traditional dishes to your table.

A Mexican Celebration Dinner ~Suzy $95 V GF
Traditional recipes suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free guests. This is a great menu for entertaining while enjoying hands-on techniques and colorful presentation.

A Mistletoe Appetizer Party~ Suzy $95

Celebrate the season with spirited appetizers and bite-sized treats. Learn techniques to make your next party more enjoyable with simple to prepare ahead recipes and beautiful presentation.

A Festive Italian Dinner  ~ Suzy $95
Explore classic Italian recipes with this mouthwatering menu, perfect for an intimate dinner party, or large gathering. Quick, make-ahead tips will help with planning and orchestrating a meal, rich in flavor. Bring a hearty appetite and get ready to savor the best of Italy.

Celebration Dinner~ Judy $115
Indulge with friends at this decadent gourmet dinner. An extra special dinner when there is something big to celebrate! You will be impressed with yourself when you create this five star menu. Bring some bubbly to complete the evening.

Classic Steakhouse ~Judy $105
A delicious tender steak cooked to perfection with decadent sides make you feel like you are in an old world Steakhouse. Learn restaurant secrets of cooking steak with amazing side dishes that help elevate the steaks to greatness.

Cozy Winter Dinner Party~ Suzy $95
Celebrate winter with a cozy meal guaranteed to gather friends and family for a delicious and beautiful entertaining menu.

Cruising the Coast of Europe~ Suzy $95
Sail along the Southern Coast of Europe to sample delicacies from the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. Tempt your taste buds with regional favorites of Greece, Italy, The French Riviera, Spain, and Portugal.

Festive Holiday Celebration~ Judy $115
All the festive decorations and chilly weather make it the perfect time to celebrate the holiday season with lots of great tastes that will make your next dinner party a hit.

Flavors of Provence~Suzy $95
Travel through the south of France to explore diverse flavors and classic recipes. This traditional menu highlights the best of the region, making it the perfect entertaining choice.

Hawaiian Sunset Dinner~Judy $95
Hawaiian cuisine is a beautiful blend of tropical flavors and traditions. Here, we will celebrate ancient customs and meet global influences brought to Hawaii over many generations. Relax and enjoy the Aloha spirit.

Holly and the Ivy Dinner Party~Judy $95
Gather friends for an enjoyable evening spent preparing and savoring a fun holiday dinner and a cocktail.

Homemade Pasta Workshop ~Judy $95
Learn to make your own delicious pasta at home. Have fun learning the technique of making tender egg dough for fresh fettucine. We’ll serve our pasta with tender, moist meatballs that have been simmered in marinara, just like your Nonna made (if you had one). Enjoy the Fettucine and Meatballs with homemade Caesar salad and Chianti then finish with a Limoncello Sundae.  Buon Appetito!

Indian Feast ~ Suzy $95
Explore the complex flavors of India and discover the intoxicating aromas and use of spices. Move beyond the basic curry and liven up your weeknight meal planning or take your friends and family on a culinary adventure.

Italian Festive Entertaining~Suzy $95
Entertain friends with this simple, yet elegant, menu perfect for a weeknight dinner or dining with a group. Classic Italian recipes are bursting with flavor and beautiful to serve.

Night out in Rome~Judy $95
Escape to the heart of Rome for the evening. Feel the warm summer evening air as you stroll along ancient cobblestone alleyways, then stop and enjoy a delicious roman inspired dinner by candlelight. We’ll make the gnocchi and bread dough from scratch. Mangiamo!

Paella Party ~Judy $100
Paella originated as a dish whereservants would take the leftovers from Moorish royal banquets and cook it up over open fires into a delicious meal for their families. Today Paella is a great dish to serve at a party and can have many different ingredients. We will make a wonderful seafood one.

Spirit of Ireland~ Suzy $95
Celebrate the Irish spirit with a menu featuring beer, whiskey, and liqueurs infused in delectable recipes. A fun and spirited class offering a unique twist on some of Ireland’s most beloved drinks.

Tacos, Tostados and Tequila ~Judy $95
Savor the flavors of Mexico’s favorite street food, Tacos! We’ll make three different tacos and our own homemade tortillas with great sauces and salsas. Afterward enjoy some creamy Flan for dessert.

Wine Country Dinner Party~ Judy $95
Join some friends and escape to Napa for the evening. Fresh ingredients simply prepared, give us classic Wine country tastes paired with some delicious sparkling wine.