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About Us

Lisa and Leslie“Back to the Table” is a local cooking (& baking) school opening in 2012 by sisters with a passion for food and entertaining. Born and raised locally they come from a family with a tradition of shared family meals, cooking together from scratch and eating local food.

Their family, including both parents and a brother, learned early on to plant and harvest in their own garden. Trips to nearby farms inspired the family to cook and bake delicious food out of the fresh produce year round.

Their families have always been avid travelers and find the best way to connect to a place and culture is through food. Participating in local cooking classes during their travels provided a deeper understanding of how food can bring people together. In 2001, days after 9/11, the family participated in a cooking school in Florence Italy that re-sparked their love of bringing together family, community, culture and food. The two sisters were inspired!

They decided to have a local cooking school that included everything they loved about the cooking school experience: social, fun themed menus, talented warm chef and most importantly: coming together at the table to share a wonderful meal with time to relax, enjoy a full meal and talk family style at the big dinner table. You will also notice they left out the one thing they did not like: there is nothing for sale! The focus is on food, techniques and bringing everyone Back to the Table.

After years of experience they are excited to be bringing “Back to the Table” to Lafayette. Leslie has three grown children and is known for her ability to feed and entertain large and small groups of people. Leslie has a reputation for good cooking, creative table settings and decorating ideas. She has a passion for food, creating beautiful tables and bringing people together through her home cooking.

Lisa also has three children and spent over ten years supervising the hot lunch program at Burton Valley Elementary school which became a model for other school lunch programs. Lisa is known for her love of teaching kids to cook, the creation of the “Green Team” at BVE, cooking from scratch, baking and team themed dinners. Lisa has a passion for food, family and children.

Both sisters are well known by their friends, and their children’s friends, for their love of cooking, baking and entertaining.

Leslie and Lisa have noticed that through their work in the schools and community that families have moved away from the family dinner table. It is their desire, and passion, to bring families ‘Back To The Table’.