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Menu Options

Private Events are welcome to choose from any of the following menus. Prices are per-person. The menu and price remains the same. For groups of 15 or more $250 will be added to pay for extra staffing. Groups 25 and over are charged $500 for extra staffing. 18% gratuity will be added.

If you have any dietary issues or allergies with anyone in your group, please let us know a week ahead of time and we will do our best to adjust their meal to fit their needs.

A Mexican Holiday ~Suzy $95 V GF
Traditional recipes suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free guests. Great menu for entertaining during the busy Holiday season with fun techniques and colorful presentation.

An Island Celebration ~  Suzy $95
Explore the diverse cultures and foods of the sunny Caribbean. Taste unique ingredients combined with tropical flare creating authentic dishes.

An Elegant Dinner Party~ Suzy $115
Presentation, elegance, and simple preparation are the key factors in enjoying a dinner party. This fabulous and beautiful entertaining menu encompasses the quality of a fine restaurant and the enjoyment of dining at home with friends.

An Italian Dinner Party ~ Suzy $95
Explore classic Italian recipes with this mouthwatering menu, perfect for an intimate dinner party, or large gathering. Quick, make-ahead tips will help with planning and orchestrating a meal, rich in flavor. Bring a hearty appetite and get ready to savor the best of Italy.

Autumn Colors Feast~ Judy $95
Enjoy a fall dinner with friends and family with this easy but delicious dinner menu. Brining the chicken breasts makes them incredibly moist. Spend time with your guests instead of slaving in the kitchen.

Autumn Dinner Party ~Suzy $95
The flavors of autumn combine in this relaxed yet elegant meal that is perfect for entertaining.

Caribbean Nights~ Judy $95
Feel the warm breezes and listen to the sound of the steel drums as you enjoy a delicious meal that will transport you to the islands.

California Casual ~ Judy $95
Enjoy a meal that focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared with easy techniques. Poaching the salmon in olive oil is a great way to ensure the fish stays incredibly moist. Creamy goat cheese is the surprise middle of the corn muffins.

Casual Fall Dinner Party ~Judy $95
Falling leaves, chilly evenings, a fire glowing in the fireplace and a glass of wine. The perfect setting for a relaxed evening with friends to get together and enjoy a delicious meal that’s easy to prepare.

Celebration Dinner~ Judy  $115
Indulge with friends at this decadent gourmet dinner. An extra special dinner when there is something big to celebrate! You will be impressed with yourself when you create this five star menu. Bring some bubbly to complete the evening.

Celebration Luncheon~Judy $95
Celebrate your special day or just have fun getting together with your girlfriends cooking together and enjoying a fun and festive luncheon.

Cowboy  Round Up~ Judy $100
Put on your boots and enjoy a delicious chuck wagon dinner that cowboys used to have after a long day of riding and roping. We’ll gather around the stove instead of a fire to rustle up this old west inspired dinner.

Fall Entertaining ~ Judy $95
Falling leaves, chilly evenings, a fire glowing in the fireplace and a glass of wine. The perfect setting for a relaxed evening with friends to get together and enjoy a delicious meal.

Flavors of Provence~ Suzy $95
Travel through the south of France to explore diverse flavors and classic recipes. This traditional menu highlights the best of the region, making it the perfect entertaining choice.

French Countryside Dining~ Judy $115 (*GF)
Transport yourself to France for the evening with this delicious menu. Imagine the rolling hills and fields of lavender in the French countryside as you enjoy savory French fare.

German Bier Garden~ Suzy $95
Spend an evening enjoying German cuisine with this classic and flavorful menu. Sure to become an entertaining favorite with fun techniques and a show-stopping dessert.

Holly and the Ivy Dinner Party~ Judy $95
Gather friends for an enjoyable evening spent preparing and savoring a fun holiday dinner and a cocktail.

Indian Feast ~ Suzy $95
Explore the complex flavors of India and discover the intoxicating aromas and use of spices. Move beyond the basic curry and liven up your weeknight meal planning or take your friends and family on a culinary adventure.

Italian entertaining~Suzy $95
Entertain friends with this simple, yet elegant, menu perfect for a weeknight dinner or dining with a group. Classic Italian recipes are bursting with flavor and beautiful to serve.

Lunch in the Vineyard ~Judy $95
Lush green rows of vines and cascading bunches of grapes create a relaxing atmosphere for a luncheon in the Wine Country. With its Mediterranean influences and quality local produce, this region’s food showcases the season’s best ingredients.

Mediterranean Holiday- Suzy $95
Journey to the Mediterranean with a menu rich  in flavor and exploding with color. Traditional menus blend holiday flare with a festive presentation to create a dazzling display to wow your friends and make your next party spectacular.
  • Roasted Beet Hummus with Spinach Pita Bread
  • Cucumber and Tomato with Tabouli Salad
  • Stuffed Grape Leaves
  • Pomegranate Chicken Skewers
  • Baklava

Night out in Hawaii~Judy $95

Aloha! Bring your friends and travel to Hawaii without leaving the kitchen.  Taste the flavors of the Islands with this traditional Hawaiian menu. Relax with a favorite Island cocktail too.

Night out in RomeJudy $95
Escape to the heart of Rome for the evening. Feel the warm summer evening air as you stroll along ancient cobblestone alleyways, then stop and enjoy a delicious roman inspired dinner by candlelight. We’ll make the gnocchi and bread dough from scratch. Mangiamo!

Paella Party~ Judy $95
Paella originated as a dish where servants would take the leftovers from Moorish royal banquets and cook it up over open fires into a delicious meal for their families. Today Paella is a great dish to serve at a party and can have many different ingredients. We will make a wonderful seafood one.

Party with Friends~ Judy $95
This sophisticated yet simple menu is perfect for celebrating a cool, crisp autumn evening with friends.

South American Celebration ~Suzy $95
Latin cooking is infused with irresistible local flavors, creating a fusion of ingredients and techniques that will spice up your entertaining.

Wine Country Dinner Party~ Judy $95
Join some friends and escape to Napa for the evening. Fresh ingredients simply prepared, give us classic Wine country tastes paired with some delicious sparkling wine.

Wine Harvest Dinner Party~ Judy $95
Enjoy the bounty of the fall harvest with a relaxed dinner full of the flavors of the wine country. A great time to gather your friends, have a delicious dinner and sip a glass of wine.

Winter Dinner Party~ Suzy $95
Celebrate winter with a cozy meal guaranteed to gather friends and family for a delicious and beautiful entertaining menu.

GF: Gluten Free
V: Vegetarian