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Menu Options

Private Events are welcome to choose from any of the following menus. Prices are per-person. The menu and price remains the same. For groups of 15 or more $250 will be added to pay for extra staffing. Groups 25 and over are charged $500 for extra staffing.

If you have a dietary need with anyone in your group please let us know a head of time and we will do our best to adjust their meal to fit their needs.

Here are examples of some of our most popular special event menus:

Wine Country Dinner Party $95    Judy
Join some friends and escape to Napa for the evening. Fresh ingredients simply prepared, give us classic Wine country tastes paired with some delicious sparkling wine.

California Harvest $95   Suzy
California is known for excellent cuisine highlighting local ingredients. This menu features the best of the winter season to create a mouth watering menu that is as colourful as it is delicious

Napa Valley Dinner Party $95   Judy
Spend a casual evening with friends preparing a delicious wine country inspired menu. Feel like you are dining in the vineyards at Napa.

Al Fresco Dinner Party $95   Judy
Take your dinner party outside and enjoy the warm summer nights with good friends, chilled wine and relaxed meal with this tasty menu.

A Night out in Rome $95   Judy
Escape to the heart of Rome for the evening. Feel the warm summer evening air as you stroll along ancient cobblestone alleyways, then stop and enjoy a delicious roman inspired dinner by candlelight. We’ll make the gnocchi and bread dough from scratch. Mangiamo!

American Steakhouse Favorites $105   Judy
Classic favorites from great steakhouses around the country. Tender juicy steaks seared to perfection with delicious sides and luscious gooey chocolate Molten Lava cakes for dessert.

Backyard BBQ $95  Suzy

Kick off your summer entertaining with your friends and family with this casual, yet elegant menu that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

California Casual Dining $95 Judy

Enjoy a meal that focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared with easy techniques. Poaching the salmon in olive oil is a great way to ensure the fish stays incredibly moist. Creamy goat cheese is the surprise middle of the corn muffins.

Caribbean Nights $95   Judy
Feel the warm breezes and listen to the sound of the steel drums as you enjoy a delicious meal and sip on a tropical drink that will transport you to the islands.

Casual Brunch $95   Suzy

Celebration Dinner $110   Judy
Indulge with friends at this decadent gourmet dinner. An extra special dinner when there is something big to celebrate! You will be impressed with yourself when you create this five star menu. Bring some bubbly to complete the evening.

French Countryside Dining $105   Judy
Transport yourself to France for the evening with this delicious menu. Imagine the rolling hills and fields of lavender in the French countryside as you enjoy savory French fare.

French Picnic $95   Judy
Pack a basket full of delicious French food for an enjoyable picnic in the French countryside. We will even make our own baguettes that taste like ones from a Parisian bakery.

Greek Gathering $95   Suzy

Night Out in Greece $95   Judy
Visit the sun-kissed beaches on the picturesque Greek Isles where stunning blue skies meet crystal clear water reflecting pure white buildings. Escape for the evening and enjoy a taste of old world Greece as you sip a Santorini Sangria Sunrise cocktail.

Hot Havana Nights $95   Judy
Cuban inspired favorites enjoyed with a refreshing Mojito. Gather some friends and slip away to Havana for the evening.

Indian Feast $95   Suzy
Explore the complex flavors of India and discover the intoxicating aromas and use of spices. Move beyond the basic curry and liven up your weeknight meal planning or take your friends and family on a culinary adventure.

Indian Dinner Party $95   Suzy
No long flights…but enjoy an afternoon with the taste of India. Escape for an afternoon of food from India cooked over a grill (as well as in the kitchen!).

Italian Dinner Party $95   Suzy
Explore classic Italian recipes with this mouthwatering menu, perfect for an intimate dinner party, or large gathering. Quick, make-ahead tips will help with planning and orchastrating a meal, rich in flavor. Bring a hearty appetite and get ready to savor the best of Italy.

Night Out In Brazil $105   Judy
Brazil is an exciting South American country known for its vibrant food and night life. Excite your taste buds with this delicious meal that highlights the flavors of Brazil.

Ole Mexico $95   Judy
Discover flavors from south of the border as you enjoy a fun filled evening cooking up delicious Mexican favorites that would pair perfectly with an icy cold Margarita.

Paella Party $95   Judy
Paella originated as a dish where servants would take the leftovers from Moorish royal banquets and cook it up over open fires into a delicious meal for their families. Today Paella is a great dish to serve at a party and can have many different ingredients. We will make a wonderful seafood one.

Sizzling Fiesta $95   Suzy
Latin cooking is infused with irresistible local flavours, creating a fusion of ingredients and techniques that will spice up your entertaining.

South Pacific Grill $95 Suzy

Warm breezes, palm trees swaying, and the light scent of tropical flowers conjure up the image of a Luau on an island beach. Savor the flavors of Tahiti and Hawaii in this grill inspired menu that will transport your taste buds to an island paradise.

Summer Homemade Pasta $95 Judy

Enjoy the beautiful, abundant fresh produce from your garden or Farmer’s market in these fresh pasta dishes. We will make all our own pastas for these recipes that are perfect for a summertime dinner. Making your own pasta is fun and easy. Luscious summer tomatoes and other fresh simple ingredients are all the pasta needs.

Tastes of Thailand $95   Judy
Amazing fresh flavors like coconut, lime, ginger, lemongrass, chilies, and fish sauce are found in the Thai cuisine. We will make some of the country’s most popular dishes.